September 23, 2019 | Fort Worth, TX


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  CDX TRACtion Texas is proud to announce The Texas Country Radio Summit, a one day event for all those involved in Texas Country music and radio industries!  

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The Texas Country Radio Summit will be hosting several panels with knowledgeable speakers from all aspects of the music industry. Ask questions and expand your role as a member of the Texas Country community

 This event is designed to bring together like-minded people with the common goal of growing Texas Country music as a genre and as a radio format!

TRACtion Texas is the premiere digital delivery service for Texas Country Music and the only monitored airplay chart serving the Texas Country community. . .


Our overall objective is to provide labels, booking agents, managers, publicists, indie artists – everyone in the Texas Country music industry – with immediate actionable data based on real airplay. 

Tickets Only $25! (*Includes Dinner*)